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Apple Stroller Store
Disney East Entrance, at the Crossroad Shopping Center.
12539 S. Apopka Vineland Rd, Orlando FL 32836.
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Baby Jogger City Mini Stroller with Quick Fold Technology
Select the Fully Laundered City Mini
-- Single Stroller --
The Best Lightweight Stroller makes it perfect for all day excursions in the Theme Park. From 6 Months to 50Lbs.
Padded and Vented Seat Reclines to a Near Flat Position with Retractable Weather Cover.
Locking Swivel Front Wheel with Suspension, Rear Parking Brake.
Adjustable 5-Point Safety Harness, Multi-Position Sun Canopy with Peek-A-Boo Windows.
Single Rental Rates*
  Laundry Charge...
3 Days... $ 0
4 Days... $ 0
5 Days... $ 0
6 Days... $ 0
7 Days... $ 0
   Each Additional Day. $ 0
   Insurance Per Day ... $ 7
We are Sorry -- Double Stroller -- is fully booked
until 03/04/2017

Better Access to the Basket from the Rear and the Side.
Patented Quick Fold Technology Allows You to Fold Your Stroller in 1 Step.
Seat Back Storage Compartment. Firm Seat Base As Well As Backrest. Universal Accessary Mounting Bracket.
Swivel Front Wheel for Quick and Agile Maneuverability.
Double Stroller - Fits Throught Standard Size Doors.
Double Rental Rates*
  Laundry Charge...
3 Days... $ 0
4 Days... $ 0
5 Days... $ 0
6 Days... $ 0
7 Days... $ 0
   Each Additional Day. $ 0
   Insurance Per Day ... $ 10